Promoting Mental Wellness At Workplace

Mental wellness has become a hot topic to talk….

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Mental wellness has become a hot topic to talk about in our daily lives during this pandemic. As the pandemic has seen mass rates of unemployment and hunger, some mental health issues came to light like – depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. 

Mental health or wellness is something that should be taught in schools and colleges at the very beginning as it becomes one of the most crucial aspects of our lives as it goes on. 

Mental wellness in a work environment is equally important for several reasons. The good mental health of employees increases productivity, engagement, and better oneself and put the best foot forward. 

But we are aware that mental wellness is often an ignored topic. Many multinational companies are implementing policies and activities for the same. 

Promoting mental wellness in your work environment might just be the thing that elevates you to the next step!

So, let’s look at how you can promote mental wellness in your workplace – 

  • Understand how mental health impacts your employees – As mental health is taking a global platform; it only makes it much more important for us to be a part of it. Before anything, you will have to understand what mental health is and why is it important for an individual. Understanding this, you will be able to understand how it impacts your employee’s well-being and how can you make it better. Change does happen in a day, but this can be a great way to start. You can employ a psychologist for the workplace that can help you understand the process much easier.
  • Include mental health along with health care plan – Mental health is equalizing to our psychical health, maybe even more. Another step that you can take to promote mental wellness is to give it equal importance as given to any physical health problems. Implement giving and taking off to regain clarity when faced with any other mental health issues. This way you can have a much more open relationship with your employees.
  • Establish mental health programs – We understand that you can find it troublesome doing all this all by yourself. But what if we tell you that you don’t have to? Now, there are a psychologist and mental health professionals who work with companies to make the work environment much more flexible and better. All you must do is reach out to these professionals and they will help you along the way. 
  • Open communication – We have spent over decades not giving mental health equal importance but now it is time that we look at it as one of the most important things in our lives. Having an open communication channel with your employees will help you create a much healthier bond with them. As the work environment gets more open, you and your employees will have a much better chance to deal with challenges too with effective solutions. 
  • Promote well-being – We know this looks like a long road and a tough journey to implement all these things. But you start small by just keeping workshops and seminars for your employees and other staff so that everyone can get a better understanding of mental wellness. 

All these steps sound simple and easy but require a lot of work once they are put into place. But mental wellness is an important issue that cannot be overlooked anymore. Understanding them and accepting them is the only way to go!

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