Managing Work Anxiety While Going Back to Work

If this pandemic has taught us anything….

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If this pandemic has taught us anything it’s that the world is uncertain, and nothing can be taken for granted. 

While we sat at home safe from what all was going outside, the situation around us has somewhat improved. As the numbers of infections die down, a lot of places have started opening like gyms, malls, etc. taking up all the necessary precautions. Just like the offices and schools have also started to resume face-to-face work. 

As many people are still hesitant about whether to go or not. A lot of employees are not left with these options as their offices make it mandatory for them to come back and work from the office. 

Employees face work anxiety, stress, and even panic for some people. While the situation improves, the constant fear of contracting coronavirus takes number one place. 

This further only creates anxiety, that many people/employees find difficult to navigate or work through. 

But don’t worry because SlayLife has come to your rescue, we are going to list down some ways you can manage work anxiety and stress when you go back to your work.

  1. Imagine situations that you are afraid of – While everyone around tells you not to think about bad scenarios in your head, it can also prove to be viable in some cases. Imagine the worst-case scenarios and build a plan for that, this way you can condition your mind into thinking that even if the situation decides to go bad, you always have a plan of action ready with you for every situation. 
  2. Visit work first – If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can always visit your office or workplace a day before. So that your mind is at ease, and you are prepared for the upcoming days. Don’t worry if things look a little different or out of place for you. You will slowly transition back. Getting used to back again might take a while but it will surely happen.
  3. Find ways to stay safe at work– Take all the necessary precautions, if not even more. So, for one you are safe and secondly, it will keep others around you safe too. Our top priority right now is to be safe and take all the necessary precautions, doing that will make you feel much more safe and secure. 
  4. Don’t be hard on yourself – While you go back to work, you might face challenges and problems. But that doesn’t mean that you should overwork yourself or be hard on yourself. Give yourself time to adapt back into your routine like. If you continue to be harsh on yourself it might be that your problems even increase more along with your anxiety and stress. 
  5. Get help – Nobody is perfect and even you don’t have to be. Everybody is in the same boat, and everybody will be equally worried. If you feel that the anxiety, stress, or any other problem continues to pose an issue to you, you always have an option to talk to someone whether it is a friend, colleague, or even a psychologist. Talking a lot of things out doesn’t do any harm and it is often better too to get a different perception of things too. 

All these pointers can help you regain the power back, but you just must remember that the first initial days might be tricky but after a few days’ things will start to go back to normal. 

Implementing just these 5 pointers can work wonders, all you must do is take a big deep breath and work through this tough time and we at SlayLife are here to help you along the way. 

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