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The times have proven to be challenging. Many of us have….

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The times have proven to be challenging. Many of us have struggled daily to understand and adapt to this new normal. While a few have been successful a lot more people have been finding it hard to lead any path at all.

Pandemic has thrown challenges at us from left, right, front and back. The main challenge was the hit to our economy which resulted in mass unemployment. While no firms were hiring, a lot of people were left struggling to make ends meet. 

Like living through a pandemic wasn’t hard enough now people were left jobless and struggling to find new jobs with whatever pay the companies were offering. 

This is where the spark of start-ups and small businesses came to light!

A high volume of people started their small businesses, just about things they loved and were passionate about. This ranged from fashion, stationery, technical to every area possible!

Owning a start-up can prove to be difficult because you just don’t need an idea for the start-up but also a solid plan of how the entire plan and how it’s going to unfold in the future. No one would be willing to invest in a sinking boat.

This is where your skills of planning and execution make the most of it. 

Where the pandemic has thrown us off in the deep end of the swimming pool, the 2 years of the pandemic have shown the highest rates when it comes to entrepreneurship, start-ups, and growth. 

We know the idea might have crossed your mind, but fear and apprehension deter you from your plans of having a successful start-up!

But fear not because SlayLife is coming to your rescue. 

Let us talk about all and everything you will need to have a successful start-up-

  1. Make a business plan – Having one idea is different than having a business idea, you will require a lot more than just an idea. So, try thinking ahead of those ideas. About how you can implement them other than just in your head. Consider each and everything from finances to investments to the name of your start-up.
  2. Secure appropriate funding – Now that you have an idea, you will have to start implementing them in real life. For this, you will need to have an investment in your start-ups but if you are someone who will have to apply for loans or looks for funding elsewhere then you showed to get this started as soon as possible. Research about policies that provide aid to people to get up on their feet or talk to other legitimate loan sharks that can help you with the funding. 
  3. Surround yourself with the right people – Staring something of your own, you must have the right backup and right people with you. One key thing to remember in this is to understand how many people you need with you in the start-up and working behind the curtains. I say you need two more people with you to help you with your start-up then you will need to make sure that all 3 of you are on the same page rather than having different ideas altogether. 
  4. Find a location and build a website – Now once you have secured all the above pointers, you will need to have a website so that people can easily see your work and approach you. All the work you do should be updated on the website so that it is easier for people to know about your latest projects. Keep your website up to date. When you start receiving projects, people would want to have meetings with you, that is where an office would come in handy. You don’t need to have a big office just a small place for your business. 
  5. Become a marketing expert – If you’re not a marketing expert, you need to become one. You might have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows about it, then your start-up can’t succeed. You will have to sell your products or ideas until it becomes known in the market. Publicizing your start-up will make people aware of your product. 
  6. Build a customer base – Starting a website, growing your digital presence, and becoming an effective marketer are all steps in the right direction. But now it’s time to put these efforts to the test. Open your doors (or website) for business. Getting a customer to make a purchase is the first step. But this isn’t nearly enough. You need to keep your customers coming back. Interact with your customers and keep them in the loop about their projects, while also be open to receive some criticism.
  7. Prepare for anything – There are times when your idea or start-up sinks because of some challenges. It is not essential that it is something that you missed or is your fault, there are a huge number of problems that can arise when you are starting your start-up. So, you should be prepared for each and everything, whether it is for negative criticism or funding issues. You need to learn that anything can happen. You will need to adapt and learn as you go. 

Now that we have discussed all and everything that you need for owning your start-up. All you need to do is, just start. Push that idea in your head to be a reality now!

That is when we SlayLife come to you with courses and mentors, that will help you reach your full potential. You don’t need to think about your start-up problems twice, our mentors are going to help you in every way possible. They will focus on your strengths, weakness, and point of focus. All you need to do is visit our website and join our new and innovative courses!

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