How to Increase Employee Engagement

As a mentor or leader, our first and foremost job is to keep our

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As a mentor or leader, our first and foremost job is to keep our team motivated and moving forward. We often forget the very basics of team management because we are so focused on the results. 

An employee’s behaviour or his/her contribution towards the team either makes or breaks a team. And that is the main reason why as a mentor or a leader we need to keep the employees engaged in any activity concerning the team. 

Engaged employees care about their work and the performance of the company and feel that their efforts make a difference. 

It is important to have employee engagement in any workplace as its significance cannot be overlooked. 

When employees are engaged, they are most likely to invest in the work they do which leads to a higher quality of work produced. By investing in employee engagement, your company will increase productivity, work quality, and retain top talent. 

While we are very aware of the current ongoing situation around us it makes it more difficult to keep the employees engaged while working from home. Working from home can be a dream, all the comfort while working. But it can also prove to be challenging when your employees face a low level of motivation and productivity. 

The question that arises now is how can you keep your employees engaged while working from home?

Let’s take a quick look at it – 

  • Virtual Coffee Break – While working continuously for long hours, employees lose productivity and drain out their energies quickly. One thing that could help in motivating your employees is schedule breaks together, take 30 or 25 minutes out from a working day and have a coffee together virtually, where no work is discussed. This break will refresh the company’s mood and you will also create good relations with your team. 
  • Ask For Feedback – We all know being a mentor or a leader is not easy. But being a leader who doesn’t listen to their team or take their suggestions can result in problems arising faster and quickly. Keep your team in the loop, tell them everything and at the end of any task ask them for feedback. This way you can learn what the team feels about your leadership or if you need to make any changes. An open communication line will take you a long way. 
  • Recognize Them for A Job Well-Done – Give credit where it’s due. A positive review can make a change in an individual’s performance. They feel more motivated to work and bring out the best results, and this also keeps them going. So, when the team has made efforts to solve a problem or work hard on any task. Give them positive feedback. All feedback should be given in a constructive manner rather than a negative manner. 
  • Provide Them Freedom to Choose Their Schedules – While a lot of people work well in the morning there is a fair amount of people that that has high productivity while working in the evening or at night. Allow them to have that freedom to choose whatever timing is best according to them for work. 
  • Regular Check-Ins – Keep tabs on your employees. Regular check-in makes the employee feel heard. Ask them about the issues that they are facing or what changes they think should be made for better performance. This way the employee will feel that they are an important part of the team. 

All these ways can help increase employee engagement. Employees are what make a team a good team. If you work well with your employees, it will enable you to get much better results and bring out the best version of each other. 

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