How to Delegate as a Leader

The constant need to be or do better and the drive to bring out….

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The constant need to be or do better and the drive to bring out the best results forward is what makes us be a better version of ourselves and others. 

In a workplace, we are often pushed out to max our limits, be it to get things done or for delegating a group of people. 

Delegating, if defined correctly is ‘a person sent or authorized to represent others, in particular an elected representative sent to a conference.’ It is a much harder job when you have the responsibilities of an entire team on your shoulders. 

Being a good delegator has to do a lot with your own capabilities, being able to delegate as a leader can be tiresome if one fails to carry out the responsibilities well. 

So today we will talk about how one can be a leader while delegating exceptionally!

There are ways that one can delegate well as a leader –

  1. Know your employee’s strengths and weaknesses – To be able to delegate as a leader, you should be aware of the weaknesses and strengths of your employees. Knowing this will enable you to work more efficiently and get better results. As a leader, you should always influence your team to be better. This way there is mutual trust and understanding between the team and the leader.
  2. Define desired outcomes – Now simply dumping work on your employees may create unwanted circumstances. For a team to function properly and better, they all need to understand the goal and work towards it. Before even starting the project, one should be aware of all the minute details of the project so that it is easier to deal with challenges when they arrive.
  3. Establish clear communication – While delegating, you might face problems if there is no clear communication with your team. Every member should know what is the project and how it is supposed to be handled. If there is no clear communication, the team might start having issues that might, later on, affect the work of the team. A leader should be aware of each and everything that goes on in the group and should be vocal with everything. 
  4. Allow for failure – As a leader or even as an individual, one should always be open to failures. They give us that drive to do better. If you are constantly asking your employee to be perfect and make no mistakes whatsoever, it might lead you to be at different ends with your team. Understand that failures are a part of success and one should get back up after a mistake is made. As a leader, you should be able to help them learn from their mistakes and move on forward.
  5. Be patient – As a leader, you might be fluent in tasks that your employees take time to complete. Be patient with your employees and don’t overburden them with responsibilities. While you might have years of experience, they are starting fresh and it takes time to learn and adapt. So be patient and help them wherever needed.
  6. Deliver feedback – Give feedback to your employees. Let them know where they did a commendable job and where they need to work a little harder. Have an understanding with your employees, don’t be extremely harsh or extremely sloppy. Find the right balance between both. 
  7. Give credit where necessary – After you’ve delegated tasks and they’ve been seen through to completion, credit those who achieved the work. The more you thank and credit those you’ve delegated work to, the more likely it is they will want to help you on other projects in the future.

Now that we have talked about how you can be a leader and delegate perfectly, you will be able to see a change in your workplace if these pointers are implemented successfully. 

Nobody is born a leader but one can always learn to be one. Be quick on your feet and think for the betterment of everyone rather than just yourself. There is no ‘I’ in teams. 

Remember you are not a dictator; you are a leader and leaders work alongside their teams. 

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