How to Deal With Setbacks

The constant state of unknowing, putting in hard work, and….

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The constant state of unknowing, putting in hard work, and then not getting the same results back. The constant state of worrying and stress. We are often too friendly with the above-mentioned things. As we grow up, we worry about setbacks continuously, sometimes that even starts to interfere with our daily lives. 

The times that we live in are not as promising as they should be if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s to get well acquainted with setbacks! Sitting at home, with low productivity and alone we end up with a mindset that nothing is going to work and that is when major setbacks happen. 

Now, how does a person define having a setback – an interruption in progress. As we live in the unknown, we prepare ourselves for the worst outcomes, sometimes we deal with them with ease and sometimes we end up even more stressed.

Everyone talks about how one should not have setbacks, but no one tells us how exactly one can avoid setbacks and positively deal with them. 

But worry not because SlayLife is coming to your rescue!

We are going to quickly look at how you can deal with setbacks constructively no matter the situation. 

Ways through which you can easily deal with setbacks – 

  1. Expect Discomfort – When you start something new, it is a given that you might face some discomfort. Like when we start a new job or even going to a new college, we feel uncomfortable. Similarly, when you are faced with a setback, it might feel confusing or uncomfortable for a while but eventually, you will have to get used to it because success does not come without setbacks. Learn to deal with them positively. 
  2. Have A Positive Attitude – Facing setbacks a lot of us condition our brain to go into the ‘victim mentality mode that means ‘why me’ ‘I worked so hard why is it always me’ ‘I always end up as a failure.’ But it’s time to change this mentality into a positive mentality, our way of looking at things changes a lot of things around us. Try saying ‘try me’ ‘what is this trying to teach me.’ When you have a positive outlook, you are conditioning your brain to look for the positive in every situation. Just by doing this a lot of your problems get solved easily. When faced with challenges you try coming up with multiple different approaches rather than just accepting defeat. 
  3. Watch And Learn – When you are facing constant setbacks, watch and understand the pattern. Get to know why these setbacks are rising and how to deal with them most effectively. This way when your deal with setbacks, the next time when the setback arises you will know much better how to deal with it so that they don’t arise in the future. 
  4. Be responsible – Whatever you do, be it a job or study. Be responsible for everything, for your work or if something goes down. Accept your fault responsibly and fix it. Understand the issue at hand and deal with it constructively. 
  5. Take Help Where Needed – Everyone needs help occasionally, there is no harm in that. We are often faced with challenges that require some assistance from other people, friends, family, etc. Don’t shy away from asking for help. It is better to have a different perspective on a problem than no perspective at all. 
  6. Focus On What You Can Control – Often we waste our energy on issues that are out of our control. We spend so much time stressing over things that are not in our hands. In return, we create more problems for us that are not even there. If you have a setback and it is something that you can’t control, then learn the art to let go. Focus on what is in front of you and what you can control, don’t create more challenges for yourself. 

Now that we have discussed all the pointers, implementing these will surely help you deal with setbacks in a more constructive manner. Setbacks are often there because you are trying and moving forward so don’t stop and keep moving forward. Setbacks will arise no matter what you do, but now we know how to deal with them effectively. 

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