How to Deal with Negative or Constructive Criticism at Work

We all prepare ourselves for workplace criticism but often we….

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We all prepare ourselves for workplace criticism but often we find it hard to deal with. So here today we are going to talk about how you can effectively deal with negative or constructive criticism in any given situation.

Negative criticism means voicing an objection to something, only to show that it is wrong, false, mistaken, or nonsensical. Whereas constructive criticism might differ. Constructive criticism is the process of offering actionable feedback in a friendly manner to help an employee perform better. Where negative criticism focuses on bringing up all the faults that an individual has made, constructive criticism focuses more on acknowledging positive actions as well as those requiring improvement. 

As the times are tough, our mental health has also taken a toll which makes it difficult for us to work and adapt to any type of criticism. But we all know that a workplace requires us to be efficient and deliver high-quality results.

It might be possible that you have spent many hours working on a deal or a project only to be subjected to negative or constructive criticism. As a mass number of people find it hard to deal with any type of criticism, it becomes harder to bring out positive changes at work.  

Your boss, mentors, and colleague’s only wanting to see you flourish and bring out the best in any give situation.

So, the question that arises now is how one can deal with negative or constructive criticism in a work environment.

Here are certain ways that how one can positively take negative criticism – 

  1. Control your reaction – Try to keep your calm when faced with negative criticism. Often the reaction can do more harm than good. Understand the problem at hand and try to resolve it positively and effectively.
  2. Try not to take it personally – Try to remember that this criticism is not a reflection of your character, and nobody has any hidden agenda to affect your work. Criticism is usually aimed at your work and not you.
  3. Process the criticism – Once you have received criticism, process it, and try to work keeping the criticism in mind so you don’t repeat the same mistake twice.
  4. Show appreciation – Though it may be difficult at that moment to get the words out, you need to acknowledge the person’s honesty and their delivery if it was kind and constructive. Remember that giving criticism is often as uncomfortable as receiving it, so the conversation was probably awkward for the other person as well.
  5. Show humility – Ego can lead you to react badly, especially to poorly delivered criticism. Remember that there is most likely some truth in it, even if it’s hurtful. Your ego will try to protect you by discounting the criticism, not because it is inaccurate, but because of poor delivery. Remember, if you respond humbly, you may gain a valuable learning opportunity.
  6. Ask clarifying questions – Once you understand the criticism, learn to ask questions. Ask about what went wrong and how you can deal with it in a business-like manner without taking it to your heart.

All these pointers will make it much easier for you to deal with negative or constructive criticism at work in a more productive manner. Implementing these points in your work-life will promise you definite positive results. 

We know the times are tough but so are you! All you must do is be positive and allow these ways to change your life in a short period. 

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