End Of The Week Reflection

The end of the week is mostly when an individual….

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The end of the week is mostly when an individual looks back on the entire week on what all has happened, what were the priorities, and did they accomplish them. 

An end of the week is defined as being honest with yourself. Most importantly, it means you pay attention to whatever is happening in life and adjust as needed. 

This practice can turn out to be very useful if done properly, it can make you more responsible and keep track of your priorities. 

The question that arises now is why do we need end-of-the-week reflection?

Building the habit of reflecting on the week allows you to acknowledge your victories and the things you have learned. It will also prepare you to start next week off on the right foot, which in turn gives you space to truly disconnect and recharge over the week. 

Now that you know there is a relatively new exercise in the market why don’t we try it together?

Let’s quickly look at the questions you can ask yourself at the end of the week –

  1. What were your wins for the week – Start listing out of all the accomplishments in that entire week. This keeps you motivated and feeling productive.
  2. Any pending tasks – Think about all the tasks that you were supposed to do in the entire week, did you finish them all or is there something left. If there is something or any task left, try to finish them in the upcoming week so that they don’t become a burden on you.
  3. Did you stick to the plan and stay organized – Looking back at the entire week, think about all the tasks that you had listed out for yourself. Whether small or big, think about each one of them and then tick them off if they are completed. After this, you will be able to decide whether that you were organized or not throughout the entire week.
  4. How much progress did you make on your goals – If you have yearly goals or even weekly, you will work on them to get them accomplished at the end of the week or year. Keeping a progress check will enable you to look at all your progress and what exactly do you need to do more. 
  5. What did you learn – To keep the momentum going on forward, to keep reaching forward to your goals, you would need to constantly read and learn about new things that are presented to you whether it is a new skill, a course or even adopting a new habit. Maintain track of all the new things that you want to learn and what all did you learn.
  6. What made you happy – At the end of the week, one thing that should always reflect on is whether you are happy or not. Because nothing matters if you are not happy with yourself at the end of the week or day. So, even if you are head deep in the work find time for activities that bring you joy and make your work fun too. 
  7. What made you stressed or unhappy – And finally at the end think about what in the entire week has caused to stress about something or made you unhappy. A lot of times, we are involved in some type of pattern that makes us unhappy or stressed but we are not aware of it. So, answering this question will make you aware of things going on around you and you will be able to eliminate the factors that cause you stress. This leads you to have a much more productive and happier week.

All these questions are great to answer if you want to start the habit of reflecting at the end of the week. We are often too busy to keep track of ourselves, but this small exercise makes you more aware and responsible for your actions. 

And prepares you to have a much more fulfilling week ahead. 

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