5 Ways You Can Increase Your Personal Growth

As individuals, we strive to be better. Sometimes by doing….

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As individuals, we strive to be better. Sometimes by doing more or sometimes by being more of someone we are not!

For betterment or for that strive to make changes one needs to grow personally only then they can grow in other parts of their lives. As time is changing drastically and continuously, we need to adapt to this change and grow with it. 

Personal growth is not only limited to workplace or home surroundings, but each part of your life’s, and these parts are always somewhat inter-related. If you grow as an individual, the chances are that you might move forward positively in other aspects of your life too.

The questions that arise now are why do we need to grow personally and how can we?

Personal growth in the workplace is all about understanding and developing yourself in a way that helps you to reach your highest potential. Personal growth also plays a significant role in contributing to your maturity, success, and overall happiness in life.

Now let’s look at how one can grow personally!

  1. Set a schedule – Advantages of setting a schedule can go a long way. You don’t always need to set priorities in a schedule, you can add your break time, relaxing time, anything you want. This way, you will be responsible for the work to be done and it will motivate you to be on track. As an individual, you might feel more productive and motivated when you are on your schedule, and you completed your listed tasks. 
  2. Learn new skills – As individuals, we are always learning. There is no limit to knowledge and there should be no limit to our learning as well. Learn as much as you can, whatever you can, and whatever interests you. Learning new skills, will enable you to add more skills to your resume and will make you capable to try your hand at new things. 
  3. Learn from your weakness – Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Most of us try to avoid working on our weakness because that sometimes lead to failure. But for personal growth, one needs to allow themselves to understand them and learn from them. This way you can turn your weakness into your strengths. 
  4. Separate work and personal life – One of the key things that you will learn while working anywhere is never to mix your professional and personal life. There are different for a reason, to fully acknowledge them and work in them, you will need to look at them separately. Make schedules, give an adequate amount of time to both, and don’t try to avoid or micro-managing any one of them.
  5. Be consistent in your performance – To get anywhere, one needs to have results. We understand that it is not always possible to be on top of everything and that there might be days when you are struggling or get delayed in getting your results. This is when this pointer will help you. Make a goal and work towards that goal. For example – if you are a writer but are feeling the pressure to get the work done or complete a story, give a limit to yourself that every day you will write 500 words. Adjust the word limit according to how much time you have and how much more would you require to complete everything and make sure that everything is written on track. This way you will keep making progress as well as get your work done. 

These pointers are not un-known, but their implementation is tough. But once you start using these small techniques in your daily lives, this will make a big change in your personal growth. 

An individual is always growing, you just need to make sure that you are growing in the right direction. And that is why we SlayLife is here!

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