5 Online Courses That You Must Take

While many of us struggle to accept it, we still ….


We have all adapted to whatever the world has thrown at us!

While many of us struggle to accept it, we still have accustomed to it. As working from home becomes the new normal, we are confined to our houses with no real experience of the outer world. A lot of people have been unemployed with minimum job opportunities in the market. 

Does that mean we should just stop and rollover? No!

This is the time when you could make yourself and your resume shine through. The world has shifted to an online source of teaching, a lot of new courses are also now available for people around the world.

Now you don’t have to travel far ends to learn something new. All you must do is broaden your horizons by just joining some of the in-demand courses online!

While most of them are free, there are also several courses available that are paid for. These courses will provide you with mentors and all the course material that you will require, some of them might take examinations too. It all depends on what course you end up selecting and on what platform. 

So, let’s look at some of the most in-demand courses that one can join in to gain knowledge and learn new skills – 

  1. Graphic Designing – If you get excited at the sight of a blank paper or spend most of your time doodling or sketching then this course is just for you. If you think you can creatively express your thoughts, then this course might just elevate it to the next level. We all know that graphic designing is very much in demand and its demand will only increase as the time comes. 
  2. Social Media Marketing – This is not unknown that the world has shifted to an online source. Social media has turned out to be one of the biggest used approaches when it comes to practically anything. From marketing to entertainment and everything in between is available on social media. It is a new trend with the youth too. This course is high in demand, by joining this course one can surely understand and work along with some the new companies in the market as well. As the companies look for new and fresh talent with experience, social media marketing might just be your breakthrough!
  3. Online MBA – We have all seen an increase in small online businesses, many people started their own companies as well. While this pandemic has shown us that anything is possible. It has also shown us that it is not too late to be your boss. It might be exhilarating to start your own business, there is a lot more that goes along with it! An online MBA degree will enrich you with all kinds of business knowledge. Many sites also have mentors, who will help you understand and learn all about the business world and will also help you in implanting them in the real world. 
  4. Foreign Language Course – Learning a foreign language can add brownie points to your CV. Additionally, it will help you to improve your vocabulary and interacting skills. Many companies have multiple offices all over the world, this way it becomes easier for you to adapt and communicate when you travel representing your company. Learning a foreign language can also help you to bag the job of a translator. 
  5. Creative Writing – Creative writing is much more than just writing stories. It is an art to write an article or blog that instantly creates a picture in your reader’s head. Several companies look for writers, to write blogs or sometimes even articles and stories. You can also become a freelance writer for various websites or bag a job in a prestigious creative writing film.

We have just talked about 5 courses that will help you and your resume look better, there many courses that you can take up online and that too for free of all cost. Whether it’s photography, programming, human resource management, or even filmmaking. Everything is now available online and at your fingertips. 

We at SlayLife have brought some of the most unique and innovative courses just for you! Our mentors will guide you through every step and will enable you to focus on your strengths, weakness, and point of focus. 

All you must do is join us now!

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